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The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are
limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.

John Keats

Keats' words resonated when we took the powerful nootropic agent Noopept, and set about the challenge of extracting even more from it. By combining this powerful Russian nootropic with Alpha GPC – one of the most effective cognitive enhancers – and Guarana, a native plant to the Amazon Basin known for its mental energy stimulating properties, we created the first truly effective nootropic blend. With relentless testing and measurement, followed by copious adjustment, the team at Avanse Laboratories were able to stack eight further nootropic ingredients to the foundation resulting in a formula that delivered on promises, and exceeded expectations from the go.

Step back in time now as we take a closer look at the reasons why the founders agreed upon their choice of ingredients…


What goes into a Lumonol capsule?

Manufactured by a GMP certified supplement manufacturer in a FDA registered laboratory in the United States of America, the ingredients put in Lumonol have been strictly tested and quality checked by highly qualified laboratories and chemists (GMP certified means that the manufacturer has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards).  Every one of Lumonol's nootropic ingredients has an interaction with at least one other, and a reason for claiming its place. We put a lot of emphasis on eradicating both intense rushes and crashing burnouts. We knew instinctively that while we wanted to harness the mental alertness brought by Guarana, we needed to smooth its stimulating effects and keep balance within the body. For that reason we were able to leverage from Acetyl L-Carnitine's ability to support energy production in the mitochondria, and avoid the performance inhibiting burnout associated with stimulant use.

Years of experience and the collaboration of many great minds, including conclusive breakthrough research in the field of bio hacking that is still largely off limits to the public, has produced arguably the first cognitive enhancement supplement that delivers both immediate, and long-term benefits, while providing neuroprotective support and anti-aging protection. By including the golden dipeptide Noopept, which can pass the blood-brain barrier effectively, Lumonol works best during moments when successful learning and memory recall are crucial.1,2

A word of caution: Lumonol's effects are cumulative, building over time. With that said Lumonol does provide an intense boost to motivation within 20 minutes of ingestion. We recommend that if you are new to nootropics, that upon receiving your Lumonol order you run a sensitivity test by consuming a single capsule per day for the first few days.


Serving Size: Upon successful completion of a 1 capsule "tolerance test day", take 2 capsules per day. For best results take 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with lunch. Consuming too close to bedtime may result in a restless night. We advise you take a break from Lumonol for 2 days in every 7. You may also take a 30 day rest after every 90 days if you prefer. Please see more in our free Lumonol Guide attached to your receipt when you checkout.


  A Powerful nootropic formula - fusing modern science and the gifts of nature  

Memory Blend: 285 mg

Think now to a reality - where peoples names, important dates, answers to exam questions, or even that oh so important statistic that could just clinch the deal - are all on hand and at your disposal. The advantages gained by those with a strong memory are countless, and in our desire to create the perfect cognitive enhancement solution, available to the everyman, but with the potential to make you far from ordinary, we turned to a combination of Noopept and Alpha GPC as our recall and retention powerhouse.

  • Noopept

    Pairs well with: Guarana, Citicoline
    3 main benefits: Clear increase in memory creation and recall; offers amazing cognitive advances when paired with Guarana, which potentiates Noopept.

    Noopept is arguably the most remarkable nootropic substance to ever be refined. Known to the scientific community for years as N-phenyl-acetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, Noopept was first proven to benefit those with brain illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease. Then, forward-thinking nootropics researchers realized that the amazing increases in memory creation and recall were not confined to just the sick and elderly. Noopept provides instant boosts to memory and focus. It also expands brainpower in the long-term by clearing the brain of toxins and other waste products. Think about a highway - Noopept puts better tires on the car, increases the speed limit, and makes sure that you are the only car on the road for miles ahead.

    Taking Noopept daily for extended periods of time has been shown to boost cognitive capacity specifically in terms of learning and memory without any side effects. So how does it work? Noopept functions through 3 major pathways that impact learning and memory: 

    1.    By affecting the brain receptors AMPA and NMDA, which are responsible for learning in our brains.3
    2.    By increasing Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain Neurotropic Factor (BDNF), which help to develop and maintain the health of neurons.4,5
    3.    By increasing acetylcholine – neurotransmitters that help us learn and retain memory.4


  • Ginkgo Biloba

    Pairs well with: Panax Ginseng, Guarana
    3 main benefits: clears toxins and waste, increases blood flow when it's needed, decreases MAO which increases dopamine production


    Similar to Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba is an all-natural substance with thousands of years of proven results. Essentially, Ginkgo Biloba provides three huge benefits to the brain - it clears encroaching toxins and waste, it decreases the production of monoamine oxidase (MAO), and it increases blood flow to the brain while memories are formed and recalled. The brain is no different than the rest of the body in that it needs to be regularly cleaned. Proper sleep and diet can help this, but many of us are not able to sleep and eat exactly as our bodies would like us to. Ginkgo Biloba helps make up the difference. With the blockage of MAO production, dopamine production increases, and Ginkgo Biloba also increases the amount of blood that flows to the brain during waking hours (memory formation) and while you are asleep (memory consolidation).

    Those who take Ginkgo Biloba along with other nootropic substances have a noticeably faster memory recall time when they need it - in meetings, in conversation, and during working hours.

  • Panax Ginseng

    Pairs well with: Ginkgo Biloba, Vinpocetine
    3 main benefits: Provides a focus-increasing substance that is time-tested, but refined; Almost doubles the brain's ability to recall memories, binds with neurotransmitters in a unique way.


    Known for thousands of years to improve memory storing and recall, Panax Ginseng is still the go-to herb for safe and effective memory improvement. Unlike some of the other ginseng varieties found in the US, Panax Ginseng is the original Asian ginseng that provides overall cognitive health benefits for young and middle-aged adults. Unlike modern nootropics that target one particular area of the brain to increase neurotransmitter communication, Panax Ginseng is a true holistic, herbal substance that regulates over 20 separate glands in the body and brain. The ginsenosides found naturally in Panax Ginseng contribute to the right amount and timing of the release of chemicals in the brain, which in turn improves memory response time.

    Having Panax Ginseng as part of a cognitive-enhancing supplement is very important since it allows for all of the great ideas and work done to remain in memory, easily recalled when it needs to be.  

  • Alpha GPC

    Pairs well with: Guarana, Noopept or Piracetam
    3 main benefits: Improves cell communication in the brain, boosts memory
    capacity and protects the brain from nerve cell damage.


    Alpha GPC is a high-quality source of choline mostly known for its ability to potentially boost memory recall and storage. It's regarded as one of the best choline options in the market because it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, after which it increases the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the brain in charge of learning, memory, REM sleep, and more. What makes Alpha GPC so reliable as a nootropic is that it has undergone plenty of clinical trials to prove its effectiveness and safety. One study conducted by Italian researchers, for instance, showed that participants who consistently took Alpha GPC for 10 days had better word recall and achieved higher scores during mental tests.

    Taking the recommended daily value of Alpha GPC has in cases shown to increase memory function, and may lead to greater periods of focus.

Focus Blend: 500 mg

The Lumonol Focus Blend fuses three key components that have been shown to enhance focus levels, allowing you to work, study, or even learn to play the guitar - without the usual distractions breaking your concentration levels. It is said that the difference between a rich person and a poor person is what they do with their time. In most cases this is true and lack of productive hours dedicated to something meaningful often leads so many of us falling short of exploiting our true potential. Lumonol's Focus Blend combats this.

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine

    Pairs well with: Citicoline, Choline
    3 main benefits: Binds with choline in the brain to form acetylcholine, crosses the blood-brain barrier for real nootropic benefits, natural and safe.


    Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is an easily-absorbed nootropic substance that crosses the blood-brain barrier to directly influence cognition. One of the most unique features of this essential substance is its ability to join forces with choline in the brain. After this reaction, acetylcholine is formed. The benefits of having enough choline are well-documented, but many people forget that the use of choline is limited to the amount of Acetyl L-Carnitine and vice versa. In order to reap the brain health qualities of choline, Acetyl L-Carnitine must also be present in adequate amounts.

    Increasing the amount of Acetyl L-Carnitine consumed increases focus in various different kinds of mental activities from knowledge work, writing, and speaking.

  • L-Tyrosine

    Pairs well with: Noopept, Citicoline, and most every other nootropic substance
    3 main benefits: Provides a foundation upon which powerful nootropics can work, increases neurotransmitter production, limits nervousness and concern


    L-Tyrosine is a solid nootropic substance that every supplement should include. While certain ingredients offer ground-breaking cognitive enhancement, L-Tyrosine fills in the gaps. It complements almost every other cognitive enhancing substance because it increases neurotransmitter production. Many of the most important neurotransmitters in the body that tell the brain to remember things, recall things, and focus on things come from L-Tyrosine. The increase in dopamine production pushes the brain to do slightly more than it would normally do, but without anxiety. This comes from L-Tyrosine’s ability to reduce chemicals that are related to stress.

    Taking L-Tyrosine as part of a supplement regiment provides the basic foundation for the rest of the nootropic substances to do their magic. Without a solid ingredient like L-Tyrosine, other ingredients would have much less predictable interactions with the brain†. 

  • Phosphatidylserine

    Pairs well with: Citicoline, Ginkgo Biloba
    3 main benefits: Provides a focus-increasing substance that is time-tested, but refined; Almost doubles the brain's ability to recall memories, binds with neurotransmitters in a unique way.


    Phosphatidylserine, the well-known substance that increases focus, has greatly benefited from modern medicine. In the past, phosphatidylserine could only be derived from the brains of cows, but people still went through the trouble of extracting and consuming it because of its amazing ability to provide almost-instant focus for those who take it. Thankfully, scientists synthesized phosphatidylserine from soy beans in the 1990's, which helped prevent the spread of mad cow disease. Fast forward to today, and phosphatidylserine is found in the most effective nootropic supplements.

    Phosphatidylserine boosts focus in those who take this substance since phosphatidylserine increases the rate at which neurotransmitters can metabolize glucose, a primary source of cognitive energy. This means that the brain has close to twice the capacity to recall memories - similar to doubling the amount of RAM in a laptop.

Energy Blend: 375 mg

Energy Blend: 375 mg

There aren't too many people who could claim to not needing a little boost from time to time. Schedules to meet, deadlines to beat, and a greater need for home and work life balance for inner peace, relationship harmony, and a general feeling of wellbeing. Lumonol's Energy Blend while smooth, hits a unique equilibrium of slow release energy that motivates the user to produce for hours on end.

  • Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

    Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

    Pairs well with: Vit B5, Vit B6
    3 main benefits: Heightened energy & alertness, improved memory, improved attention span & concentration


    Vitamin B12, the most complex of the B vitamins and a powerful combatant of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome celebrates its 50th year of discovery. Methyl B12 has been shown to provide protection from neurotoxicity thanks to its role in the production of SAMe (S-adenosyl Methionine), while Methylcobalamin reduces brain fog, allowing for vast improvements in energy levels. It is the only B12 Vitamin able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

    Users often report improved sleep quality, lower stress levels, and less nervousness, uneasy feeling.

  • Hordenine

    Pairs well with: Phenylethylamine HCL, Noopept
    3 main benefits: Increases the amount of usable dopamine in the brain, creates a mood of confidence, crosses the blood-brain barrier to provide almost-instant results.


    While most nootropic substances have been designed or extracted to directly affect focus, memory, or alertness, others can achieve the same results through indirect channels. Hordenine is one of those substances. Our body self-regulates in a way that almost acts as a throttle or a bottleneck to peak performance. Hordenine works to open up the floodgates of dopamine (essentially what motivates us) by stopping monoamine oxidase from breaking down the dopamine. When we feel motivated and ready to conquer the world, we are typically 'high' on dopamine. When we feel uninspired or unable to do much of anything, it is often a result of excess monoamine oxidase. Hordenine prevents this from taking over.

    Those who take a supplement rich in hordenine experience a feeling similar to that of waking up refreshed and ready for a day's work.

  • Guarana

    Pairs well with: Noopept, Citicoline
    3 main benefits: Increased level of alertness, potentiation of nootropic compounds, instant clearing away of brain fog


    Guarana is well-known in the nootropics realm as an all-natural source of caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline, the energizing compounds and tannins that make Guarana world-famous. This herb's seeds have 4x the richness of caffeine as coffee, and when blended correctly, proves to be the ultimate potentiation substance for nootropic ingredients like Noopept. Put simply, Guarana lights the fuse for the explosion of cognitive alertness that comes naturally from nootropics.

    People who regularly take supplements with Guarana in them report higher levels of alertness, increased metabolism, and a higher level of confidence

  1. Klodt, et al. (2007). The Effect of the Synthetic Neuroprotective Dipeptide Noopept on Glutamate Release from Rat Brain Cortex Slices. Neurochemical Journal, 1(2):138-142. DOI: 10.1134/S1819712407020055
  2. Skrebitskii, V., Kondratenko, R., Povarov, I., & Derevyagin, V. (2013). Peptidergic Modulation of Synaptic Activity in the Hippocampus. Neuroscience and Behavioural Physiology, 43(5).
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  5. Binder, D., & Scharfman, H. (2004). Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor. Growth Factors, 22(3): 123-131.
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