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The Stories

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.

Jonas Silk

Lumonol was taken from idea conception to reality only through passionate research, years of experience, and endless testing and feedback. Now it's your turn to play your role in the evolution of your Lumonol. Through your continued feedback we can monitor the success and results of Lumonol and the Lumonol range of products, to better them. †

Take a look at what our clients are saying. All testimonials and accompanying pictures used on this page are genuine and represent the views of those featured. Results may vary between individuals and best results come with extended use of Lumonol. 


  I have been fascinated with learning about the breakthroughs people have been experiencing with Lumonol, and now include this amazing product in
my recommendations.

With Lumonol, I believe anyone,
including you, can take their mental
edge to a whole new level.

Dr. Kevin Guyana, DC, CCWO, RM
Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practioner

  • Noon Supapang

    Since taking Lumonol I have definitely noticed an increase in the time I stay focused now, and my concentration has doubled since I started taking it. Lumonol is my secret weapon in not just my business, but also in my life. prioritizing my time is now easy, and the energy I have in the evening now for my family has brought a real balance. Thank you so much for Lumonol. Oh, and my husband takes it too now – Mr. Skeptical himself even agrees. Wonders will never cease!

    Noon Supapang, Vermont.
  • Kim Keilbach Courtois

    I started taking Lumonol on August 26th, and took only one tablet until this past Friday, when I started to take two at a time, in the morning, with food. I feel amazing, my mood has changed for the better, my patience is improved, my energy is up, and I'm feeling better overall. I'm so happy I tried Lumonol and I'm really excited to try Luna soon too. Thanks Lumonol!

    Kim Keilbach Courtois
  • Dominik Boecker

    Thanks for the quick reply. I can say that Lumonol is the best I have tried and it works! I've spent fortunes on similar pills, but only having taken yours do I realise there's nothing like it. I now take it daily and am approaching my first off cycle. The results to date have been incredible and the confidence I felt speaking on age gave me edge I have not experience before. If anyone asks I will be sure to recommend you.

    Dominik Boecker, UK.

I've only been taking Lumonol for a full week, and I already feel a difference. My thoughts are much clearer, when I'm at work I'm more in tune and focused, and work with the passion that I'd lost in the past.

My clarity gives me peace of mind and I am in sync with what I need to do to follow the path of great success. I know I have to do my part to make the magic happen, and I thank the Lumonol team for creating a great mind changer. By taking all the products I get the full effect; clear mind, great energy and focus, and also waking up refreshed and ready to have a productive day. Remember that the mind can conceive - and the body will achieve - what you put together. I plan to be all I can be and more...

Jarrel Marshall, Vermilion.


I have only been taking the product for about a week now and I am slowly starting to notice a difference everyday. I like the fact that your product is something that builds up in your system over time and that you also have a 30 day rest period.

I came across Lumonol and almost didn't try it but I am so glad I did! I did a lot of research before I ordered it and so far everything you said I would experience I have, and the best part about it is I have had no negative side effects with Lumonol and I have even noticed a positive change in my mood, which coming from a stay at home mom of 2 kids is a good thing because before I started taking Lumonol I had a very short fuse! Don't get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything in this world, but sometimes they push my buttons a little and I noticed I am more patient than I was before!

I know it's only been about a week that I have started taking Lumonol but so far I am very satisfied not only with the product but with your customer service as well!  So I wanted to take the time to say Thank you!

Jennifer M. Ruiz, Virginia


I have two subjects to talk about. Let's start with the product itself first. So me and my girl started taking Lumonol a week ago. First few days felt "different". I don't mean bad kind of different, it just felt like Lumonol was working in our bodies just like it is supposed to. The last couple of days we started taking 2 capsules each per day. One with breakfast and the other with lunch. We feel this positivity in our attitude. I am a person who would not talk to anybody at work till noon LOL. But last couple of days I am approaching my colleagues and greeting them. I never thought that would be me, EVER!

2nd topic is their customer service. When I did not receive a tracking number I contacted support. I spoke with Sally and I don't know what she did but there was my package with 3 bottles of Lumonol in my mailbox the next morning. Awesome product and dedicated customer service definitely makes Lumonol a great company to do business with. (P.S. I will be ordering NOVA and writing a review on it once I experience it for myself)

Morrison Kshitiz

  • Mike Young

    Happy to report that I have seen and felt a difference since trying Lumonol. I had some doubts if it might be helpful to me and I was surprised by my work output and better focus since. I'll continue to try Lumonol and see just how better it gets.

    Mike Young, Philadelphia

  • Louis Anderson

    So it's been nearly two weeks and I'm living life in the fast lane. I am finding no anxiety in social situations and communication to others has become much easier as I have found I have a much better verbal palette available to me. I am interested to see how this will affect my scores on Dual N-Back and Cognifit and have already started the initial measurements. I will say that to date I am very impressed. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for brain training software and keep up the good work.

    Louis Anderson, New York

  • Nathan Winwood

    A friend introduced me to you and at first I laughed, but from the first day I "felt it" and became a customer. I feel alert everyday now and have finished a project I was stalling on. You have created an excellent product and props to you for the clear effort you have gone to. Just like my friend introduced me, I too will introduce my friends to you. Well maybe not ;)

    Nathan Winwood, South Carolina

So I'm about halfway through my first bottle of Lumonol
and the effects have been phenomenal!

I love feeling at my mental peak and it's incredible how I could just quit taking Adderall (I have ADHD). However, I am curious as to why Lumonol seems like such a secret. Why don't more people know about this? It was a huge leap of faith taking this without seeing a single YouTube review but so glad I did.

Krystian Grondecki, Brooklyn, NY


Nothing lived up to the results I have gotten with Lumonol!

I have been using Lumonol for about 3 weeks now and I love it. I have taken many other nootropics to boost brain function and even tried creating my own blend, but nothing lived up to the results I have gotten with Lumonol. As a current university student studying for his MBA, I can tell how my readings seems to stick to my brain. I am able to easily recall information and apply what I know to my research papers. Thank you for creating a well balanced supplement that works.

Kelvin Mesmin Okinawa, Japan


  • Second time purchaser, the product is still working for me.

    Joey Paradis,
  • It works fast.. Im tryn to snap out of a hard young life and get back on my A game....its still early....but i can tell its doing something...im all in...i want the whole cabang...the oil the nova...i want it all...make me fly!!!!

    Joe Stokes, US
  • I have to say I am very impressed at the results i have been able to achieve every since I began the Lumonol supplement!

    It began as the base of 1 capsule in the morning back in November, and from the single boost I felt... awake. It sparked motivation, curiosity, and ambition deep in my mind. It was the first of many super productive days that by now I am feeling truly "Limitless".

    I quickly boosted myself to the full 2 capsules and I accelerated my personal growth and completed various projects I had procrastinated on, and it has seriously helped in my University studies.

    In December and January I had been using the additional boosters, the Nova in the morning and the Luna in the evening. I have never felt so clear and passionate in everything I do. I started going to the gym 4 days a week, finally have started that healthy lifestyle and nutrition I have always been wanting, I have been really social and have met hundreds of new people (and remembered their names!)

    February I plan on going a step forward and consolidate my master schedule of bed at 11 and up by 5, mastering my day and my life, powered by Lumonol. A huge thank you to AVANSE for creating this, it has made a huge impact in my life and I can't wait to see what else the future with it holds!

    Austin Longstreet, CA
  • Tried your product for a month and i really feel the improvement

    test ts,
  • This is a true and amazing story I am about to share with you. I can't say enough about this product. Lumonol has changed my life. Back in 2011, I finished working out, went to a meeting and 45 minutes into the meeting, I had a very bad dizzy spell that wouldn't stop and I ended up in the ER. Numerous tests and hours later I was diagnosed with severe Vertigo and sent home. I couldn't drive for 3 months, the light bothered me, couldn't lay flat or look up and so much more. Something is wrong with this diagnosis. So I went to specialist, rehab, neurologist, multiple MRIs, acupuncture. You name it, I tried it. Five years have now gone by. No change. It was like my brain was in a fog, I had no drive or ambition. I just didn't care anymore and that is totally not like me. So I had a Dr. appointment and mentioned to her that this was not just any normal vertigo. So she ordered another MRI to see if there were any changes. Well, I received a phone call from my Dr. after she read the results from the MRI and said that there was nothing new on the MRI, but they missed in a previous MRI that I had a Cerebellum Stroke. Well, that came as a big surprise. So back to the neurologist to see what I can do and was told there was nothing they can do but I would be on baby aspirin for the rest of my life and there was nothing they could do about my vertigo or fogginess, thanks. Then ironically, several months after my diagnosis, I received a message through facebook about a brain pill from one of my friends who happens to be a nurse. So I text her to find out more and she never replied. So I thought , well she recommended it, it must be good. So I ordered it and tried it. I received the product, Lumonol, and tried it. That very same day I noticed a big difference so I continued to take it. Every morning I would always feel dizzy and felt like I was in a fog. After taking Lumonol that went away and I felt better. I was able to focus on my day, my drive and ambition came back and wasn't so dizzy anymore. Oh my god, I actually felt like my old self again. I almost forgot what that was like. So when I saw my friend I couldn't wait to tell her and thank her for sending me the information. To my surprise, she said "I didn't send that, but I am so glad to see that it helps you feel better. I guess the universe had a hand in that. Thank you! So now I take Lumonol and Lumonol Brain Oil, I would not have my life back if it wasn't for this product. Thank you for changing my life.

    Audra Salinas,
  • If your looking for motivation, focus and a enhanced memory then look on further!. Lumonol is a great way to give your brain the boots it needs to function full power.

    michael williams,
  • Lumonol really works! I started using it during graduate school and I noticed I had better concentration and focus, which was a life saver!

    Michelle Urata, US
  • Lumonol. Okay, readers, I'll get straight to the point. Website's well-written and streamlined, product looks good, yada yada yada; you've heard it all already. What you're really interested in is: Does it work?

    I'm speaking as a customer who's actually bought and tried it. Specifically, first I bought a 30-day pack of Lumonol's regular capsules, which I took two per day with meals. As stated, it took several days for me to notice any effect, but I did indeed see a marked increase in what I call "flexible energy" -- the stuff that lets you actually transition from one task to the next smoothly, as in, without too much "lag time" between tasks. I felt like I could move much more fluidly with my day-to-day life. I did notice that my brain almost seemed to move too fast for my body to keep up with; at a few points, I caught myself moving in a direction a split second before I registered the movement in time to correct my posture, perhaps avoiding a slip-up. It was nothing truly dangerous; just my body trying to adapt to the new substance.

    Impressed, I later bought the 90-day pack that included 3 bottles of the regular capsules, and 3 jars of "Lumonol Smart Drink". I took the capsules as usual, and then mixed one scoop (the jars come with a plastic scoop inside) of the Smart Drink powder in with a glass of water. It's actually really good; it tastes like sweet strawberry juice or kool-aid without the sugar. I began seeing the effects there much quicker than with the capsules. It felt like a gentle wake-up call to my senses, prepping me for the day to come by not just giving me a jump, but putting my system in balance. I'm not sure how much of that was the formula or the placebo effect, though, which is a possibility.

    As the manufacturer says, Lumonol's effects take a while to fully manifest, and it's helpful to maintain a pattern of consumption (five days on, two days off, one month off every 90 days) so that the body is less likely to adapt to the formula. I'm pretty sure I adapted anyway, though, or maybe the aforementioned placebo effect -- which could have easily been caused by the excitement over finally having 'the key to unlocking my full potential' -- just wore off after a while. Maybe it was both. In any case, I started noticing the effect less and less, and that was when I still had plenty of Lumonol left.

    I don't feel that I was able to make any really groundbreaking progress with this supposedly miracle nootropic substance, though I won't deny, it does have some very real, and very good benefits. Still, it could just be my own personality problems that stopped me from doing anything major while I was under Lumonol's effect. I was never the kind of guy to "rock the boat", not like the cult-famous main character from the movie Limitless. I know I can't speak for everyone, since Lumonol's mood- and energy-boosting effects might be enough to push someone else into accomplishing something big. But for me, Lumonol was not NZT. It was not the thing that I've been hoping for to launch me into my own personal golden age.

    My conclusion: Yes, Lumonol works. The capsules alone might not be enough, though; I had to pair it with the Smart Drink formula to get a speedy and consistent cognitive boost throughout most of the day. I have now recently tried Lumonol Nova, as well, and I can confirm that that works too. It's like caffeine pills without the crash, thanks to whatever else they put in there to balance it out. You might want to take that instead of coffee or 5-Hour Energy, in fact. I'd recommend it.

    Ethan Hanabarger,
  • I have been using Lumonol for about a month now for an accelerated MBA program and the results have been great! My ability to stay on top of several fast-paced classes and complete the numerous tasks I have daily has greatly increased since taking Lumonol. It did take a couple of weeks to really start clicking, but that is part of the cumulative effect of the pill.

    Jim Grande, US
  • I'm going through an accelerated college course right now. I'm nearing the finish line, but at the beginning of this year I thought I wasn't going to make it. I had tried to do the usual eat healthy, exercise, & get enough sleep. But lets face it some of us have to work full time and study in between breaks. So I figured, hey why not, what have I got to lose. I was really uncertain about trying this but I felt like my brain was fried, and honestly at the beginning of taking Lumonol I wasn't sure it was doing anything. Then after about a 4 days for me, I noticed I had more energy, I was waking up looking forward to the day, and I could remember little snippets of conversation from the last week. The week after that I scored the highest I had gotten on the last three exams. I'm not saying that this was directly because of just taking Lumonol, but it definitely worked for me.

    Rachael Gibbens, US
  • With new research coming up everyday on the power of noopept I am happy to say that Lumonol is one of the best product I have ever tried. I bought bottles for myself and my clients to try and they loved it.

    alain jean-baptiste, CA
  • My wife tried Lumonol and was so impressed with it, that now she is taking it along with me. She is not into supplements but she has been asking me to share my bottle with her, lol. Looks like I am going to have to get multiple bottles very soon. For my wife to try and want to continue to taking Lumonol, that in itself is very impressive. Keep up the fantastic job!

    Alex Rivera, US
  • I was looking for something to boost my day to day motivation and mood. After a lot of reaserch I chose Luminol and could not be happier!
    It all started with my quest to stop drinking and I needed to motivation and focus to move past cravings and focus on work and my hobbies. Things to keep me happy. It worked, the boost I got was worth EVERY PENNY! Im in a better mood and much more focused! I have tried two others but Luminol is still my go to. Ill try others but Ill always come back to trusty number 1! Sober 3 months. Thanks folks!!

    zachary lafaille, US
  • I love this product! It has been a great help to both my husband and myself we wont go a day without it anymore!

    Amanda Bruggink, US
  • After noticing I was not as sharp with my mental clarity, and focus, decided to do a little research and found out about Lumonol. The best decision I ever made was trying and becoming a believer in Lumonol.

    Thank you for creating a great line of products

    Donuel Bruno, US
  • Lumonol has consistently worked, kept me focused and working longer than I intend it to, each and every time. This product out performs vitamins and any other supplement out there. I recommend Lumonol to anyone considering trying this product.

    A B, US
  • Lumonol have been shown to help with attention issues, bring clarity and relief to those who struggle with poor concentration.

    Natalian Carter, US
  • I think Lumonol is great for attention and focus issues!!

    Natalian Carter, US
  • I have been using Lumonol for about 2 weeks now. Before I was struggling to stay focus with doing something I enjoy, language learning. My memory seemed to be getting worse and worse as time went on. After trying Lumonol I feel more focused, motivated and have seen an improvement with my memory. This is moving me forward a lot quicker than I would have without it. I'm glad I decided to give Lumonol a try.

    Jonathan Dominguez,
  • Lumonol is really the best nootropic out there :)
    I've spent nearlly hundreds of dollors on other nootropics out there but nothing compares the best best I've tried so far like lumonol... Buy this product as soon as you can... you're truly missing out!

    Leeman Waterlee,
  • Well a long time ago when I was about 8, I was diagnosed with ADHD and I was put on some medication like adderal for instance. After a week of using adderal it wasen't giving me the results I was looking forward to with my attention issues.. After a decade or so I came across an old friend who was also diagnosed with ADHD and was put on adderal like myself when we were kids...
    After a few hours of chatting a sorts, we broght up how we were put on adderal as kids and I told him I've been trying so many other methods and such. Like other nootropics such as Apex GPA and prescription drugs. Then he gave me a refferal and a coupon code, 10$ off right off the bat... Man that was the best desicion I've ecer made... After ordering lumonol and taking my regular dosage, My grades gradually skyrocketed and i've never felt better. The End

    Emery Loilic,
  • At the request of one of my visitors, I ordered a bottle of Lumonol to try out personally.

    The visitor who asked that I try it had previously been taking Adderall for a couple of years, but decided to come off of it and go the “all natural” route.

    She sounded pretty optimistic that I would like it, saying that “these pills gave me back my motivation, enthusiasm, energy, focus, and confidence”.

    As soon as I heard that, I knew I had to try it.

    I tried 2 pills for the first time on Thursday, and I have to say I was VERY impressed.

    It started to work really quick, and I could feel it’s initial effects kick in within about 20 min.

    The best way I can describe it is…you know the feeling of “the fog being lifted” from your head after you’ve had that first cup of coffee / tea / latte / whatever it is you drink first thing in the morning??

    Well, it was just like that, but MUCH more pronounced.

    Jontrey Goff,
  • It is apparent that Lumonol is the best stacked nootropic on the market. I chose Lumonol after extended research, comparison, and learning how nootropics work. ...A serving a day and what I can do with my day is limitless.

    John Massaroni,
  • Lumonol is a great product. Really helps focus at night when studying for exams, and the next day really takes the stress off as I'm walking into the exam.

    Christian McAlvey,
  • its great i feel so much more energized throughout the day

  • great product, really have felt the difference in just a few days!

    brian Teixeira, US
  • tried lumonol for one month and noticed an IMMEDIATE differnence in my life. i actually had the best month ever in sales at my job and actually can say i accomplished all of my goals day n and day out!!

    nic doby, US
  • Jusy try it.

    Zaw Min Thu, MY
  • Lumonol is great very impressed with product it help me tremendously.

    demetrius griffin, US
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